People come in all styles, gothic, emo, punk, preppy. And there are good points and bad points in all of them. Goth or gothic is a subculture usually identified by the fact that its members (Goth/Gothic) wear mostly black, and often dresses “differently”.

Gothic style with many of its elements, such as long, ornate dresses, or accessories (mate silver, jewellery such as collars, gloves, or black band t-shirts), makes it different from any other styles worn by teenagers, rich people, masochists, and people in mourning or Muslim women.

One of the groups wearing gothic style is teenagers. They love ‘dark beauty’ to express themselves. Beauty, horror and madness are some of the spread attributes in gothic fashion. Mate black color is bad, sad and expresses cultural independence from parents, school and social life. Despite how they dress, they are still normal people. ‘Gothic’ young peoples usually are nice, but experiment with their look and can blend subcultures such as punk, emo, metal, gothic style makes their look deterrent.

A second group who wear ‘Gothic style’ is compared of rich people. They are usually morbid, gloomy and suicidal. I think most of them who wore the Gothic fashion are really elegant and pretty; like the corsets and pretty dresses and gloves. Dita Von Teese, in my opinion, is the perfect example of classic ‘gothic beauty’ and I think her wearing ‘gothic style’ looks so sexy.

Third group who wear ‘Gothic style’ clothe are masochists. Goths are often portrayed as Satanists, sado-masochist, depressive, violent and eccentric. This is why the ‘Goths style’ is identifying with this group. Masochist is connected with pain and ‘darkness of soul’. This is why some religious leaders believe that the Goth lifestyle and fashion is delivering young people into the hands of Satanism, witchcraft and devil worship. Goths style’ was inspiring from French Revolution and against Throne and Altar. Religious leaders always proclaimed against ‘dark side of the men’.

Another, fourth in order, group of ‘Goths style’ is mourning people. In their case, ‘Gothic style’ is connected with ‘necessity of life’. People show loyalty and love for a member of family who passed away. Black is a symbol of sadness, pain and ‘dark feelings’. In this belonging as clothing don’t concentrate on the person, who wants to be noticed as different, but solitude facility and aloneness and loneliness.

Fifth and last group is muslim woman. For them wearing the ‘gothic style’ usually is connected with religion and social believes. In the past, Victorian doctrine was expected woman from woman and identified her with domestic life and defined her role as wife and mother. Only man was expected to be active in public life. ‘Gothic style’ covers woman from sexual abuse context and protect themselves against the man.

The ‘Gothic fashion’ is all about being out of the society. By wearing gothic clothes people not only express themselves individually, but also reject the norms, values and common believes of wide society. ‘Gothic people’ are the reflection of darkness in the world. People usually dressed in ‘Goth clothing’ to break taboo and express them. Wearing this kind of clothes takes them to another dark story of life: aloneness.