The idea for my movie began in June, 2009, while attending „Media Conversations VI: an international conference on youth, media, and education” at Fordham University (Lincoln Center) in New York City. There, I was deeply impressed by the LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) organization and its commitment to teaching basic media language and media production to youth, parents and educators.

The LAMP was doing what I was looking to do in my studies at Fordham: building a successful bridge between theory and practice. LAMP workshops were designed to help participants learn about the media by doing media. By creating commercials, news, TV/video news, documentaries, and podcasts, participants in LAMP programs learn to understand media language, the ways in which media forms change the content of media messages, and how ever-evolving media technologies impacts every dimension of our private and public lives.

After the conference, I continued to stay in contact with the founders of LAMP and decided to make their organization a key component of my capstone project because the mission and goals of LAMP dovetailed with my own scholarly interests at Fordham. In on-going conversations with Katherine Fry and D.C. Vito, I was given the opportunity to analyze more deeply and systematically a series of questions that have driven and framed my choice of courses at Fordham: How do we teach children to move in a world of electronic media in the labyrinth of mediumistic fictions?; How do we create a media programming that would give a child the competence to deal with our media driven and saturated world?; To what extent do children participate in this media world and what is their level of participation as simultaneous passive and active agents?

This paper is an attempt to review that “intersection” of common interests and how LAMP has offered me a template and model for non-profit work that I would like to continue in my professional work after Fordham.