My friend sad to me one day, Mariusz, in America two things are for sure: taxes and death. In many states and countries taxes are different, but death is the same everywhere. Death is not only a personal case, but refers to everyone, to all society. We must be prepared for life and dying with dignity. We don’t know when will be the last breath, but this makes our life more exciting.

John Doe wrote about death, that he believes in the „right to die” under certain circumstances. He convinced that terminally ill people should have the right to end their pain and suffering with a quick, dignified death. A life that is filled with pain and suffering is not a life – he argued. The next reason why he said euthanasia should be legal is a financial burden on the family. Another reason is peoples hope. For many who lie in the bed it is only an existence, but not real life. John Doe believes that the people have the right to decide how to end their lives.

I don’t agree with John Doe that people have to right to decide how to finish their lives. The first reason is that our lives are not ours. I believe that our lives belong to God (religious argument). For non believers this not accepted, but we know that parents gave us our live too (sociological argument). They never take this life back; this is why we need to do the same. And opponents to euthanasia cite the medical community’s Hippocratic Oath, arguing that doctors have a responsibility to keep their patients alive (medical argument).

The second reason is an argument that people want to die because is the pain. Medicine has lot of capabilities to take this pain away. Life with pain is not what we expected, but it is life. Our families are happy that we are alive. Many of them don’t have much money to cover the insurance. But money is not any excuse to legalize euthanasia.   It’s a private drama for them, but more painful is to make a decision to turn off the machine that keeps life.

The third reason why I choose life not death is just simple: It’s better to be alive, not dead. The lifeless have no rights to have a voice. It’s more possible that voluntary euthanasia will lead to involuntary euthanasia. In real life there would be millions of situations each year where cases would not fall clearly into either category. In the age of “human body market” this can open the legal door for “the factory of death”. Life is not only black or white. We must remember not thinking only about ourselves but also about our future.Euthanasia is a controversial subject, but should not be legalized. It is by no means a solution to human suffering. It is evident that it disrupts the normal pattern of life. This creates a violent and abusive society. Life is a gift and not a choice. Practices of euthanasia destroy vital concepts of human society.